Kinesiology, Reflexology and Natural Nutrition in North East Fife & Tayside


Optimal Health Balance Kinesiology Training in N.E. Fife,
Venue: near St Andrews and Cupar and easily accessible from Dundee and Tayside (all courses online at present)


This is a 6 hour workshop introducing participants to the technique of muscle response testing and how to work with symbols to identify imbalances in the body/ mind. The workshop can be a stand alone course and is very effective in helping people to maintain harmony and well-being within themselves and in their lives. It provides participants with a good framework for practising muscle response testing and to become confident in using this skill.
It is a much simplified version of the main OHB balancing system using symbol icons from the full OHB system and following the same balancing sequence. This makes it an excellent introduction to the OHB way of working.
For those with a professional interest in learning OHB Kinesiology the Mini Balance workshop is a really useful start.
The cost of £60.00 includes a manual and a pack of icon cards.

The next Mini Balance workshop is planned for the last weekend in January 2023.

A video is available to support people who have completed the Mini Balance course some time ago.

OHB Practitioner Training :

Practitioner Training is commencing again in the spring of 2023.

Foundation training - 4 Touch For Health workshops plus the OHB Mini Balance to give a good grounding in Kinesiology

OHB Modules 1 - 7

Group Assessment

OHB Modules 7 - 10

Final Assessment after completion of assignments/ homework.

Each of these 2 day workshops builds on the work done in previous workshops. The basic system structure presented in Module 1 is expanded further in each Module providing more and more tools to enable students to learn how to " delve deeper" in order to gather all the layers of information the person's body indicates as relevant. The more specific the information, the more specific the treatment. The whole treatment process is always guided by muscle testing responses (the innate wisdom of the client's body) and thus each client receives a treatment tailored to their personal, individual needs.
Modules 2 - 10 include homework to be completed, not as a test but as an aid for participants to ensure that they have understood the previous Module material before moving on to the next Module.


I am again able to offer TFH certificated courses either on a one to one basis, or as a course for a group. One to one courses can be arranged at relatively short notice, group course dates are planned for spring 2023.
TFH 1 and TFH2 will be held in April and June 2023, check my website for final dates to be confirmed in early January.

For further information contact:
weaverswelltherapies or text 07541120450.

Each OHB Module includes a manual and additional icon and protocol cards .
To enable enough time for practice and questions participant numbers are restricted.

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